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Our proven track record of experience on the field of Tendering and Sales is giving us the competitive advantage to work with you on a successful Bid process, either you are the Employer or the Tenderer in a process. Our Bid and Tender Management Services include Tender Preparation Advice and Planning, Bid Management, Proposal and Tender Writing and Presentation advice. In addition, we also have the experience to assist with Post Tender Negotiations until the final signature of the Agreement;

Tender Preparation
We have extensive experience in all aspects of preparing accurate and competitive tenders; from reviewing the Contract and client amendments to ensuring that the best commercially viable bid is submitted in line with you fully understanding your contractual obligations.

Bid Management
We believe that a good bid management process should be well coordinated, ensuring that all other tendering activities such as planning and estimating are performing effectively and in conjunction with each other. Our extensive experience of Bid Management means that we are able to assist you by fulfilling the role throughout the tendering process.

Proposals & Tender Writing
Otherwise excellent bids are often let down by lack-lustre presentation and content which fails to let the client know that the contractor understands and can address his requirements. Our experienced staff have been recognised as submitting Tender Documentation and Pre-Qualification Questionnaires that significantly exceed the quality of those submitted by competitors.

As part of our Bid Management and Tender Submission service, we provide a bespoke bid writing service which utilises cutting edge graphic design. In addition, in-house experienced Proposal Writers ensure that your tender submissions stand out from the crowd.

Tender Presentations
For those other than the most experienced presenters or public speakers, making presentations at the tender stage where performance can mean the difference between winning or losing a bid, can often be the most daunting of activities. We can help by using our significant tendering experience to work with you to make the process as comfortable as possible and ensure that those attending the presentation can perform at their best.

Post-tender Negotiations
Many clients keep tendering contractors in competition right up to the last minute, and in particular during any post-tender negotiations. Knowing how to handle this process may mean the difference between success and failure, as often those contractors who are in pole position at Tender Submission lose during the post-tender negotiation period and thus fail to secure the work. Our experience of handling this process will help you identify the pitfalls and grasp success from the jaws of failure.
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