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Preparing the BIM Execution Plans (BEP).
Preparing the BIM Manuals and other required plans.
Modelling of Existing As-Built buildings, infrastructure and utilities, from Laser Scans or other survey inputs.
Design and Modelling services for all disciplines and trades until to develop a fully coordinated Shop Drawing (LOD 400).
Leading or Assisting in the process of raising the right and effective Requests for Information (RFI) to the Employer or Project Manager.
Preparing the Clash Detection and Resolution reports.
Leading or Assisting the Design Firm, during the Interdisciplinary Design Coordination Workshop.
Preparing complete 2D design documentation from Coordinated BIM LOD 400 for all disciplines.
Preparing the As-Built BIM (LOD 500) using either site Laser Scans and other Survey inputs.
Preparing and extracting the As-Built 2D documentation for the final handing over to the Employer, from the site verified with Laser Scan, As Built BIM.
Reviewing the BIM submissions by Sub-Contractors for Compliance with all Construction Elements and the Employer’s specification and requirements.
Reviewing the BIM submissions and reporting on the constructability of the Methods and Designs procured by Sub-Consultants.
Preparing and Managing the 3D elements in the BIM to ensure compliance with the CDM 2015 and the project risk register.
Leading or Assisting on the enforcement of the right Design Change Management.
Preparing the 4D studies and managing the integration with the Project’s Schedule of Works.
Preparing the 5D studies and managing the output of the cost loaded Project Schedule of Works.
Supporting the Construction activities and the Construction Team, by providing information for the future activities and/or other eminent issues that cannot be resolved via the 2D design documentation.
Earthwork Management, by developing the cut and fill drawings and continuous monitoring of the site earthworks activities.
Crane management, by assessing the installation location-wise and also planning-wise.
Developing and Managing the Site Logistics, Welfares, laydowns and other temporary elements that may affect the Final Works.
Design and Modelling of all temporary and/or underground utilities, to avoid clashes with the Final Works and avoid unnecessary relocations.
Performing all necessary 3D simulations to ensure that all operational elements (cars, tracks, buses, trains, etc.), and other sizeable permanent elements (AHUs, etc.) of the project  are clash free and their swept path remains uninterrupted.
Performing all necessary and required Crowd movement studies for various scenarios, to ensure the effective operation of the project, on a-day-to-day basis and during emergency situations.
Preparing the requirements and/or implementing the Common Data Environment (CDE).
Preparing and performing the QA/QC plans in the BIM process, including the work by Sub-consultants.
Preparing the Material take-offs to assist the BoQ development or BoQ control.
Preparing and Controlling the Gross-Floor-Areas for a project.
Preparing and managing the Room Data Sheets, which are extracted from the BIM.
Leading or Assisting in the development of the Materials Specifications and link them with the BIM.
Preparing and Ensuring that the BIM is inclusive of the right non-graphical information for the Facility Management of the project, as per Employers requirements.
Leading or Assisting on the Development of BIM Augmentation reviews for Design verification and acceptance.
Leading or Assisting during the project Tendering processes for the BIM, by analysing the requirements of performance and deliverables.
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